About Company

RIO Company is one of the pioneer companies which are characterized by their ability to perform catering, cleaning and logistical support works, import and export of all the key foodstuffs taking into consideration the international standards in importing, marketing the goods, catering services, cleaning and support thereof logistically. The company owns also the cooled and normal medium transportation vehicles to contribute to carrying all the imported materials, and the contracted services under better conditions to all the customers in various regions. The company adheres to application of the international companies systems and techniques in selection of the better imported or local healthy secured foodstuffs approved by the competent authorities in-country and abroad. The company enjoys also of diligence and perseverance in the work by virtue of the wide expertise of our management team of high level of professionalism and academic training.

Our Mission

Provision of high quality catering services meeting the needs of the beneficiaries and depends on strong partnership with the clients and suppliers. Whereas it shall reach to the high level of service and distinction.

Our Vision

Leadership and distinction for timely achievement and provision of the integral catering services in order to achieve the ideal value for the clients.

Health and Safety

The company accords priority to the health and safety standards and follows various strict measures aiming at application of the sound performance amongst no employee shall be allowed to carry on the job except after making sure that he is free from infectious diseases in the state- approved health centers.